Some of the most fun collectibles are ERTL farm toys. These are usually of good quality. They are worthy of adding to a collection and of course are wonderful for kids to play with. Adults can get loads of fun out of them also, but we can have that secret stay between us. If you ever enjoyed playing with farm toys as a young kid then there is little reason to not do so when you are an adult. It is a great idea to keep your childhood alive as the years go by. This will keep you feeling optimistic and young about the days ahead. Whether you want to play with them yourself or place them on display, there are a few good tips to keep fresh on your mind before making any purchases. This could effect their worth in the future, so make sure to avoid the typical mistakes. I will tell you some of those tips and mistakes so that you do not waste your time or money.

When seeking to purchase specific brands, ERTL farm toys should be the first kinds you look for. This way you know for sure that you are getting a high level of durability and quality. You will also know that they will keep or increase in price over the years. This is especially true if you get your hands on the more rare editions. Strangely enough, some of the most valued pieces are those that are flawed. Some lines of farm toys were manufactured incorrectly and later changed, thus leaving an incredibly small number of pieces on the market. These can be worth thousands apiece. You might even have several packed away in a box if you ever were given such toys as a child. It would not hurt for you to go give your old things a good rifling through. Almost everyone has at least a handful of tractor toys lounging around and hiding behind furniture. I lucky to get most of mine set up in a display in a room I have set aside for my collectibles. This is a good tip for those of you who are looking to get organized. It is good to have space dedicated to your collections.

These ERTL farm toys can be played with too, of course. This may seem atypical, but little kids do like playing with toys. You may benefit enormously from having your children or some relatives get involved with various tractor toys or other farm related replicas. It helps them appreciate the hobby and who knows, you may gain a partner in the process. It is fulfilling to pass down a hobby as well. It ensures that it stays alive and well which is a positive thing. Little ones typically like playing with these pieces, so you should consider getting duplicates so they can have a set to get rough and roudy with. You can pack away the other set or put them on display. This is something I learned the painful way when a young cousin of mine decided to have some fun with an Ertl farm toys tractor of mine. He shattered it in a few places and repairing it was basically impossible. I was not too angry because it was partly my fault for having it within reach, but it does teach a valuable lesson that all collectors need to know.

Some of the most exciting toys for kids and adults alike are the ones based on farm machinery or commonly used items usually located on farms. 1/64 farm toys is one of the most popular scaling. We should not try to fit a real tractor into a typical house, so a scaled down version is the next best thing. Despite me being an adult, I very clearly remember having a large collection of various toy tractors, pedal tractors, horse toys, and custom farm toys when I was a child. These were most definitely my favorite type of toys. Yes, I had others, but they were not as much fun to play with. If you are interested in rekindling that childhood set of toys or building one for your own kids then I can be of some assistance. I will give you some guidelines on maintaining and collecting several types of farm toys. I hope you will find this information useful.

As I mentioned already, one of the most popular kinds is the 1/64 farm toys scaling. Much of my collection, from childhood and currently, would loosely fit this label. You could call this a typical sizing in some respects. It is certainly an enormous seller. This goes for manufactured toys from large companies and even the custom farm toys crafted by a local carpenter. It is not a terrible idea to have large toys, especially if you are after horse toys because those are most always fun to rock on. But, you will want to make certain that you have a complete collection that includes the smaller kinds. These are more easily displayed in cases. They are also easier to keep clean. The more sizable toys can require more maintenance depending on the materials used in construction. Wooden materials are not so bad to keep up with the proper oils, but metals can provide a challenge depending on the weather you typically have in your region. If your local climate tends to be humid and wet then your metals may have problems with oxidation and rust. You must clean them weekly in such a case. If your wooden toys are maintained correctly during the creation procedures then the upkeep on them will require less effort as they will be resistant to most weather events. It may be a good idea to clean them weekly in any case.

My childhood sets were comprised up mainly by John Deere collectibles. Many of them were 1/64 farm toys by scaling, but I had several others that were designed to be ridden by young ones as well. This includes a John Deere pedal tractor, a John Deere toy tractor, and a John Deere wagon. I have quite a few awesome memories of using that wagon. It gave me the chance to have plenty of fun with my imagination. I know many kids nowadays have technological gadgets instead of physical toys, but you would be amazed at how even they can come to love hand held toys instead of the virtual kind. This particular brand is huge in farm related items. Even if you primarily want special handmade toys, I would suggest that you also build up a John Deere collectibles section as well. Even if they are not your most expensive, you may find their value to be quite amazing in the future.